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      Kew Carpet Cleaners offers extremely good service.
D. Dudley10/06/2024
     I am extremely pleased with my cleaner's work ethic and our positive relationship.
Lila Wayne22/05/2024
     Working with Kew Cleaning Services was a breeze thanks to their excellent customer service, the cleaners were always available and provided top-notch service every time I worked with them. Will definitely return!
Ian S.11/04/2024
     I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and attention to detail displayed by this cleaning service.
Pauline I.30/03/2024
     The level of detail put into cleaning my home is unmatched, it truly shows in the end results.
Carl F.20/03/2024
     Expert, prompt, trouble-free to exploit. My cleaner was remarkably fantastic. Have taken up this service two times and will be taking up it lots in the looming future.
Pippa B.13/11/2023
     A huge thank you goes out to Carpet Cleaning Kew and the folks that did the office cleaning. We were presented with a formidable challenge, but they rose to it and created immaculate results.
M. Ogborne15/05/2023
      Kew Cleaning Company offered up rug cleaning at a reasonable price. I immediately took them up on their offer and it proved to be a great decision.
Paris F19/05/2020
     Spring cleaning is difficult with three teenagers in the house. That's why when we took a weekend vacation out of town, we hired this company to do the job for us! We couldn't believe how well they did! Best service! Thank you so much!
Roger and Connie B.20/09/2019
     My kids are forever smearing their hands across the windows and glass in the house. I gave up battling them on this one and just use Kew Carpet Cleaning. I figure I keep up with the cooking, the laundry, the school, the fights and so on, someone else can do the cleaning for me! Very low-cost, you'll thank yourself!
W. Adams28/07/2017
     Had a large scale window cleaning project that I needed done within a certain price range. Carpet Cleaning Kew was able to complete that service at less than I thought I would pay.
G. Hart28/06/2017
     I've hired Carpet Cleaners Kew so many times. I've used almost all of their cost-effective domestic cleaning services. All my friends already know about you guys! You are the best company that I've ever hired!
Liz Turner07/12/2016
     I had bought some old sofas for a bargain price, but one of the downsides was that they were very dirty. To get them to an acceptable standard, I would have to spend some money and Kew Cleaning Services is who got that money. I hired them to clean my sofas and they did a bang-up job. I was impressed with the results and now have sofas that look as good as new, all for a great price.
Audrey Renoir24/09/2015
     The team of Kew Carpet Cleaning cleaned our oven, which was desperately in need of some attention and it was a job I was never able to accomplish with my basic cleaning skills. It is quite an old oven but with the thorough cleaning done by the team, it now looks new! I will definitely be recommending their oven cleaning services to my friends.
Joseph T.08/05/2015
     Amazing job and great prices! With all honesty I can say that KewCarpetCleaners is one of the best service providers in the entire area! The cleaner they sent at my house was just perfect and she left everything looking sparkly clean! Thank you for a job that was done so well!
Charlie H.17/03/2015
     My kitchen floor has ceramic tiles which have been in use for some time now. They are looking fairly old and worn and I've not been able to get them really clean for a while. That was until I found KewCarpetCleaners who promised that they have the resources to make them look good again. I took their word for it and had them do the job. In a very short time my old tired looking floor looked fantastic again.
Donald Hill24/11/2014
     My mattresses were all looking a bit tired and shabby but we do not currently have the funds to purchase new ones. We decided it might be a good idea to get them professionally cleaned and see if that would make a difference. It really did and contacting KewCarpetCleaners was a really good decision for us. We were really happy with the mattress service - or beds were like new and so very clean. It was great for the whole family to be honest. I was impressed and I would recommend them heartily.
Janine L.09/10/2014
     There's only so much more that can be said about the team at KewCarpetCleaners before I begin repeating what other people have been saying. My experience was much the same, however, and I can definitely vouch for their cleaning abilities. I had some hard to shift stains in some difficult areas of the house but they made really short work of all of that kind of problem and I was quickly in possessions of a professionally cleaned home. You can really tell the difference. They've been so helpful to me that I would happily endorse them for any cleaning.
Harry Bell04/06/2014
     I only hire KewCarpetCleaners twice a year because I do all of my cleaning myself as I'm a stay at home mom. I notice that every 6 months or so the house needs a major sprucing up because the carpets, sofa and curtains etc. get grubby overtime, usually because of messy fingers on the kid's! What I've noticed is that this company do a fantastic job and I love results afterwards so much so I'm reluctant to let the kids eat in any room other than the kitchen for a while after the clean because I want it to last as long as possible.
     When it comes to finding a really good cleaning company, I feel like it is always good to follow the experiences of others. Therefore, I am saving you a lot of work by letting you know that KewCarpetCleaners are excellent! You will no doubt want to be sure that this is the case, so give them a try. You should find them to be extremely reliable, flexible and good natured, which is exactly what you need form a regular domestic cleaner right? They have always done an excellent job for me, and I have always been surprised by how cheaply they get the work done!